why the world hasn\'t tired of leather watch straps

by:Super Time     2019-11-28
Over the years, as the world embraced modernization, the watchmaker had to make countless changes to the materials and designs they created, but interestingly, the leather strap seemed to stay here.
Although metal watches, modern digital displays and factory assembly lines threaten the presence of analog displays and hand-made services, simple watches with classic leather straps do not lose their visibility.
There may be many reasons for this.
First of all, the leather strap is more comfortable than the metal strap because it is soft, light in weight and warm in touch.
It is also breathable and easier to adjust, unlike cold, uncompromising steel, suitable for wrists or not.
Secondly, the leather provides more color and texture.
A variety of brown leather straps and some types of leather (
Made like a lizard or crocodile skin)
There are a wider range of colors to choose from.
The leather can also be treated with a surface that is imitation of old, smooth or matte, or with particles similar to animal skin.
owners who want a more exotic look can even choose straps made of suede with complex patterns, bird\'s skin with typical goose bumps, yellow mink or shark skin with both waterproof properties, it also has an untested appearance.
Unlike satin, rubber, denim or metal straps, the leather strap is suitable for any occasion, whether formal or casual.
They can be worn on work, sports, or black clothes. tie dinners.
Finally, it is easy to replace the leather strap and use the strap of different colors on different occasions.
Buying a replacement metal strap is not only more expensive, but more difficult, as the new strap may not always match the Quartz Watches or case in terms of color and design.
Leather straps have versatility, affordability, functionality and style, which may be the reason why the world is not tired of them yet.
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