what to look for when buying luxury watches

by:Super Time     2019-12-12
When you spend money on a high
End the luxury watch and take the time to ask yourself these ten important questions: Do you splurge or not?
The price of luxury watches ranges from $1,000 to $100,000.
The most expensive is the billions of dollars worth of tournaments that only elite watchmakers can produce. (The two-hundred-year-
The old mechanism consists of a rotating bracket that supports the balance wheel and the escapement mechanism, making a complete turn every 60 seconds, with the timing error caused by the average gravity. )
The watch is inevitably an identity symbol and you need to figure out what kind of identity you want to symbolize.
Luxury watchmakers are ready, willing and able to meet your needs if you are really serious.
Rose, white or gold?
The tone of a piece of gold depends on the ratio of copper and silver to pure gold.
Yellow is always stylish, but you might think it\'s one of countless roses --
At this year\'s trade show in other parts of Switzerland, gold options received all attention.
Rose is the highest copper content of the three gold medals. It is soft and slightly pink.
Not everyone, but if you have the money to buy roses --
Gold watch, you may have brass to support it.
Steel or titanium?
Luxury watchmaker launches premium watches
Grade stainless steel, strong and shiny, strong anti-rust, anti-corrosion ability.
However, the next major trend of luxury watches seems to be titanium, which is 30% stronger than steel, 50% lighter, more corrosion-resistant, and resistant
Magnetic or even hypoallergenic.
The titanium watch does feel very light and comfortable on the wrist, but the deal
Closing is a uniform. some say dull -
The gray watch, with all its power, is easy to scratch.
Mechanical or quartz?
movement is the engine of the Quartz Watches, which measures time by either electronic or mechanical means.
In electronic quartz watches, paper-
Thin quartz is charged with a charge that vibrates 32,768 times per second.
This makes it accurate to one minute a year.
A mechanical watch has a main spring, and its gradual winding makes the pointer of the move.
Mechanical watches can be hand-wrapped or automatic (
Also known as \"selfwinding\")
, Which means that the motion wraps itself through the rotor, which rotates in response to the natural movement of the wearer\'s arm.
Mechanical watches lose one hour a year.
Simple or complicated?
In terms of tabulation, the complexity is any function other than simply telling the mechanical watch, such as a calendar or moon --
Phase Indicator (
This is back this year).
Often, however, the term refers to complex mechanisms such as permanent calendars and splitting
The second time meter contains hundreds of tiny parts hand-assembled by the world\'s most accomplished watchmaker.
Because they worked so hard.
Dense and complex watches are expensive and are highly praised for their performance. Big or Bigger?
Men\'s watches have grown like steroids in the past few years;
They broke 40. millimeter-
A few years ago, the diameter barrier was still increasing. The reason? Mostly style.
The current trend is largely inspired by the recent re-release of an old Italian diver watch that was originally designed to be large, so can be seen in the dark Mediterranean Sea
Now, if your Quartz Watches looks like a puck on your wrist, you\'re hip on riding if you\'re a little flaunt. Round or square?
The circle is still the most common face shape, but the revival of the replacement is in progress. The tonneau (
Shape like a bucket)
Ahead of Africa
For now, the round watch pack, but your options include rectangles, squares, and oval shapes, etc.
Many people will measure a person\'s figure based on his watch, so considering that an unusual shape may make you different from the masses.
Do you need a time meter?
Most men reward timing
Timepieces with stopwatch-
Thanks to the Manly, sporty look of all these buttons and dials.
They are also functional and can be timed as one-
The fifth in a second of mechanical timing and timing-
The digital quartz timing system is hundreds of seconds per second.
But unless you have just signed up for the Ironman, they are mainly for decoration.
Do I need a timer?
The timer is a high
A precision watch that is verified by an independent agency called the official Swiss Observatory.
companies send unmarked actions to the Bureau, which conducts a series of tests on them, after which they are certified as official timers.
For hardcore connoisseurs, this is a good distinction between a status symbol and a good one.
Five bars or twenty?
The watch displayed on the back of the dial or case has different degrees of waterproof performance.
Please pay close attention to this fine print as the depth unit is nothing but universality.
Most companies provide waterproof performance in meters.
Occasionally you will meet an ATM (For atmosphere)
Or bar, both equal to 10 m.
Once you have finished the calculation, choose a depth based on your needs. Water-
Anti-50 m means you can wear it in the shower.
Sports watches generally have 100 (
Swimming, snorkeling)or 200 meter (
Diving Entertainment)
You don\'t need more unless you\'re going to wear your deepsea diving.
A watch marked as \"waterproof\" simply bears your lighter summer shower.
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