what are watches made with? popular watch materials

by:Super Time     2019-12-10
Depending on the brand and model, the watch is made of different materials.
However, these are the most popular materials used when making watches.
All or most of the watches are made with one of the materials listed here.
The following sections explain the material, as well as the positive and negative aspects of the material.
Stainless steel St is made of iron-
Carbon alloy mixed with chromium and nickel.
The best thing about watches made of stainless steel is that they are not only light
Weight, they also have high corrosion resistance.
But the stainless steel watch is the easiest to scratch.
Nevertheless, stainless steel is one of the most commonly used materials and it can be used for many different types of watches.
Ceramic ceramics (Cm) are composed of zirconium oxides.
Watches made of ceramic have many positive aspects.
Items made of this material are heat resistant and very durable.
As a point of interest, NASA used ceramics on their space shuttle thermal shield.
However, many people think that ceramics are too modern to be used comfortably.
Nevertheless, the ceramic watches are great for luxury watches.
Titanium titanium is an alloy of titanium and other materials.
Watches made of titanium have many advantages.
First of all, this material can make the watch very light
Weight, because it\'s a light-Weight material.
It also allows the watch to be very durable.
Although its weight is half that of stainless steel, its strength is about twice that of stainless steel.
Still, titanium is difficult to use, so it can be expensive to repair.
Luxury sports watches are best made of titanium.
White Gold is pure gold, usually mixed with silver or palladium.
Platinum is very popular and effective as it looks like steel and is more cautious than a Quartz Watches made of gold.
Still, people often mistake white gold watches for watches made of stainless steel, and not all wearers appreciate the confusion.
White Gold is best for high-priced watches
Finally, luxury heirloom watches.
Physical Gas phase deposition is a steel with a layer of carbide, nitrogen oxide or oxide added, which have deposited ion attraction by atoms in vacuum
This is a masculine patina, but it is not one of the most scratch-resistant materials.
In the end, the original steel color is likely to show because of this.
This material is most suitable for sports watches.
Gold (YGd) is pure gold, 24 Karat, alloy with other materials.
This is a great material because it is very shiny and traditional, but some people don\'t like gold very much because it is a very soft material that can scratch or damage, the purer the metal is.
However, this is a great material for a gorgeous watch that wants to attract attention.
Rose gold, RGd, is pure gold, 24 Karat Gold, mixed with different amounts of copper.
Many people appreciate this material because of its rich and unique color --
But it is still prone to dents and scratches.
This is the best material for formal watches and very sophisticated sports watches.
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