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Watch Buckle , Clasp Introduction


Watch Buckle / Clasp Introduction

Buckle is the device in the middle of the watch strap, which is made of stainless steel or titanium normally. The buckle is composed of a buckle surface and a bottom frame, and one end of the buckle surface and the bottom frame are respectively connected with the strap. The buckle surface is integrally slotted, and a circular buttonhole on the bottom surface of the buckle surface and a pin on the chassis are interlocked with each other; the bottom frame is composed of a bottom, a long arm and a short arm, and one end of the long arm and the short arm rotates connect with the bottom of the frame; The other end of the long arm is connected to the strap, and the other end of the short arm is connected to the buckle surface.

Buckle Advantage: The buckle has the advantages of strong fastening, non-deformation, strong integrity, elegant appearance and easy repair.

Buckle Type: At present, the popular buckles on the market mainly include the following: Bracelet Clasp, Buckle, Leather Deployment Buckle, Hidden Clasp, Folding Clasp with Safety, Hook Buckle, and Push-Button Hidden Clasp.




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