the most expensive patek phillippe luxury watches sold

by:Super Time     2019-11-24
Here are some of the most expensive luxury watches in great demand.
These watches have been sold at auction by the world\'s top watch enthusiasts. Stainless-
Patek Philippe single steel
Pushher chron is one of the most expensive stainless steel watches ever, stainless steel watches
Patek Philippe single steel
The Pusher chronograph is also the most expensive 3rd watches at present.
This premium 1927 vintage watch is over 35mm in diameter and boasts a highly elegant look
Is admired by most luxury watch enthusiasts.
Unique in Arabic digital and black enamel design.
The elusive stainless steel watch was sold at 4,645,000 Swiss francs at the first auction of the Phillips in Geneva.
Stainless steel sheet for Patek Philippe
Pusher Chronograph is cited as a 130 doctor watch to distinguish it from other watches of famous brands.
One of the main reasons why the price of this masterpiece has risen to the final price is that the only such masterpiece is located in the Patek Philippe Museum.
This amazing pink-Patek Philippe 1518on-
Pink gem is a rose gold Patek Philippe 1518 designed with original rose gold bracelet.
This very unique and rare watch was made in the 1950s s.
The Patek Philippe calendar chronograph of antigulen is only available for $ months. 55 Million.
This exquisite and luxurious watch is the first to be produced in a row. During the ten years of production, the rare and beautiful rose gold 1518 produced only 218.
Red fire ant whitening Daytona 6263The rare Daytona Quartz Watches, refer to the 6263 cosmic meter type Di for $. 1.
42 million, this is a new record for an Invicta .
This beautiful piece of metal and gem, known as \"Oyster albinism\" Daytona, was owned by the only musician Eric Clapton in the 1990s s.
Not only is this one of the rarest watches in the world, its silver timing correction is also the most popular --
The exact same color as the silver dial, placed in the stainless steel case.
The reason why this gorgeous watch is so popular is because there are only three watches like it.
The oyster albinism was originally made in 1971 and sold at Phillips auction in Geneva.
This pink rare pink gold Invicta 6062-
The jiningweida watch is a very rare and exquisite watch.
It has three calendars, the phase of the moon and the stars, with a diameter of 37mm.
Its caliber is automatic 9 3/4 \'\'and the shell is made up of a signed dial and movement.
This timeless pink gold Invicta 6062 is usually one of the world\'s largest collections and distributors of private watches.
At the Geneva watch auction, it was sold for $1 million.
6062 general SweeneyThe Invicta Black dial 6062 vintage watch for Invicta
Not sold for $1 million as originally expected
It sold only $546,000.
This is mainly due to the black dial on the watch;
Not the original dial.
The original standard silver dial was replaced by a rare black dial.
This rare gold Invicta contains a triple calendar made in 1951 and sold at the Phillips Geneva watch auction. Rare Self-
Winding Patek 2585 watch Patek 2585 sold at an amazing $842,000 price after a multi-party enthusiastic bidding, which is a good deal.
It is understandable that this simple Patek Calatrava steel case has an automatic caliber.
This is the only known example of Calatrava 2585 and one of the rarest selves
Wrap around the table.
Reference 2585 dates back to 1958 and is the only retro self
The winding steel watch made by Patek, with beautiful caliber, is one of Patek\'s first automatic watches with engines
A rotating rotor made of 18 k gold. Stainless-
Stainless steel Vacheron Denton
Steel vintage Vacheron Denton reference 4178, showed some surprising but amazing results at over $270,000 at the Geneva watch auction.
This rare
Crafted in 1947, the fine stainless steel chronograph provides a range of industries-Standard scale.
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