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by:Super Time     2019-12-05
Clocks are one of the first luxury collections of fashion men as identity symbols.
Of course, they do have a practical purpose, but for more than three centuries a gorgeous watch is the easiest way to discover a gentleman.
In the end, however, practicality wins.
During the First World War, the watch almost replaced the watch because it could not survive in the trenches.
Although they are considered undignified and not even Manly, the accessibility and convenience of the watch is undeniable, especially when three-
The suit has become less fashionable.
You see, these clothes have a vest pocket specially designed to hold a pocket watch.
But when they are out of date, men have to put them in their pants pockets, which is very uncomfortable and a bit undignified.
Finally, most men followed the trend and bought watches.
Fortunately, the watch became more fashionable after the war.
Like the old watch, most of them are luxury goods designed for gentlemen by professional watch experts.
It was not until the 1970-second quartz revolution that the watch would be out of the control of ordinary people.
These low-priced electronic watches almost replace the traditional automatic watches.
Like most new technologies, these new watches have their advantages and disadvantages.
Their main selling point is that the price is reasonable and accurate.
On the other hand, in some cases the quartz Quartz Watches is almost disposable and cheap.
By contrast, an old-
The old-fashioned automatic watch can last for decades and can be passed from father to son.
When you choose a modern watch for your man, there are a few things to consider.
First and foremost, you should know what kind of watch he needs.
Nowadays, most men have at least two watches: one for work and one for play.
Usually leather or metal bands are used for work, which is more fashionable, while rubber bands are often used for sports or outdoor, which are waterproof.
We chose six clocks (
Three jobs, three entertainment)that will last.
For men who really enjoy the weight of high-quality clocks and watches, the shuttle Sports V8 chronograph watches meet the requirements.
At incredible 2 pounds, he gets exercise every time he checks.
But the shuttle offers more than just pounds.
It\'s a bit of a hybrid in terms of the environment.
While it\'s a sports watch that offers scratch-proof sapphire and waterproof properties up to 100 m, the watch is also quite stylish.
It has a brown leather strap, a calendar window and a speedometer.
In short, it can be worn in the office.
The capital of Nixon was designed by Nixon for the conference room.
It is a analog watch, which means there are no numbers.
The stainless steel strap and case convey confidence and seriousness.
The capital is not a watch designed for outdoor use.
Although it has a waterproof performance of up to 30 m, we do not recommend using it during rafting trips.
For more than 25 years, Fossil has been offering a dress watch at a reasonable price at a lower price.
While this will never be wrong, the handsome leather timekeeper from Fossil has a stainless steel case, a brown leather strap, a date window and an hour index.
Although not as durable as automatic, Fossil has confidence in its quartz movement and provides an impressive 11-year warranty.
New York kc1491 Kenneth Cole lets a young designer from Brooklyn, New York, design a watch that perfectly blends contemporary fashion with old style
World craft.
New York KC1491 is one of the few outdoor smartwatches we \'ve seen.
The watch has a waterproof performance of up to 330 feet and meets the strict standards of professional diving watches.
Its automatic movement guarantees accurate timing for decades, and scratch-resistant mineral crystal watches can withstand almost anything on the surface.
Nautica stainless steel WatchWith a name, it must be a sports Quartz Watches.
The stainless steel watch of Nautica is designed for men\'s sports.
In particular, it is to measure the time on the distance.
The speedometer scale outside the dial can be used to record your time within a mile, or how long it takes you to complete ten laps.
The straps are rubber and the hourly pointers are glowing, so you can see them in the dark.
It is suitable for swimming and shallow diving, and can be 330 feet waterproof.
If you\'re looking for a simple, professional
that looks like it can be worn in office or even more casual occasions, and Swiss Army cavalry leather watch may fit you.
It features classic design, easy-to-read digital and date windows that span the boundaries between simplicity and complexity.
What do we know about modern watches today?
Well, we found that although from pocket to wrist, design and craftsmanship are not much less important now than in the 16th century.
We also learned that modern people should have at least two watches.
A job, an entertainment.
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