oris watches - a review of the bc3

by:Super Time     2019-12-17
The Oris watch is a very affordable, beautiful Swiss watch.
They are characterized by mechanical movement.
With automatic winding
Trademark of red rotating red rotor.
The collection of the big Crown was something I particularly liked, and when I was initially drawn to the big crown by the pointer date collection, I have now turned to the more modern style of the BC3 series.
I put my heart on the big crown with a pointer date.
I would like a big Quartz Watches with a black surface and a black leather strap, this Oris watch seems to meet the requirements in terms of price and design.
The size of the case is optional, but it seems to me that the big crown is best matched with a big case.
I like the biggest box in the collection.
40mm model reference.
Oris is known for its pointer date Quartz Watches and I really like red-
A pointed horseshoe pointer.
I like the simple Arabic numbers marked per hour and the date numbers of the outer edge.
However, there is a feature that I don\'t like, that is the arm of the hour and the minute.
They look a little too gorgeous.
I mean, the minute needle has a slightly thinner straight edge before forming a wedge on the top;
Then cover the wedge with a fine needle. like pointer.
The hourly hand shape is small, with a straight, slightly outward tapered side and then becomes an oval shape with another needle on the toplike pointer.
The overall look of the watch is very good, but I prefer simple hands.
This brought me Oris BC3-
3 represents the third generation pilot watch.
This series is undoubtedly modern in design.
There are two models currently collected;
Each comes with a matte stainless steel case, a black dial and a black rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet.
Both models are equipped with a daily aperture at 12 and a date aperture at 6.
There are two sizes for the case; 40 or 42mm.
The shape of the shell is the same for both, although the flat border is slightly raised-
The pointer Date is equipped with a groove bezel.
I really like the simpler lines of the shell and border of bc3.
The simplicity of the design is carried out on the dial.
The arm of the hour and minute is the same in design-
Time is getting shorter and shorter.
They are simple straight, ish and end in \"long\" wedges.
The dial design of the two models is slightly different.
While both have Arabic numbers every hour, a watch has a small glow point above the number (
2 above 12)
The other function is the dash (rectangles)
Above the number, two appear above the 12.
I prefer the dash because they better add straight, flat arms and smooth arms
Edge design of the watch.
If you are a fan of big crowns, big watches, then the big Crown series of Oris watches will definitely attract people.
The big crown for the pointer date will be for those who like traditional style watches, but for people like me who want a more modern look Quartz Watches, Oris BC3 will be the first choice.
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