oris watches - a review of the artelier worldtimer

by:Super Time     2019-12-01
Oris has made world timer watches in the past, but Artelier world timer is different from previous models;
In my opinion, the most important difference is the size of the big case, the ability to quickly set the date and set different time zone times without using the crown.
With a few small notes, I really enjoyed Oris Artelier world timer.
I have been an admirer of Oris watches for many years.
I like that they are all good mechanical clocks.
Made at a price that most people can afford, the design is very attractive;
With Oris, you can have a beautiful Swiss.
It cost only $800 to make the watch.
This is a very attractive Quartz Watches.
It has a round strap in silver and gray on its dial.
The 3-point position has a second world time dial with pointers for hours and minutes as well as day/night indicators.
The dial at 9 is the second hand.
This box is made of stainless steel and 42. 5mm wide.
The design of the bezel is different from the previous Artelier watch, and it is not very obvious, making the overall appearance of the dial look great.
Rose gold, thin wedge-
Shape indicator per hour except 3 points-
The position of the T2 sub-dial.
The date hole is located at 6.
The movement of the watch is complicated, which makes it very simple to use and set two time settings.
The Quartz Watches has a quick setup function so you can pull out the crown in the first position to set the date and pull out the crown from the second position to set the time.
In order to use the two time zone settings feature, T1 settings must be synchronized first (
Main time needle)
Set with T2 (
Hour and minute pointers in the sub dial located at 3 points).
When a person travels to a different time zone, the time on the T1 dial is set to local time.
This can easily be done by pressing one of the two pushers located on the side of the chassis at 7 and 4 points.
To move forward, just press the pusher at 4 and jump forward for an hour-
Push 4 times in one, move 4 hours of hands forward, 5 times forward in 5 hours, etc.
Pressing the pusher at 7 will reduce the hand for hours.
The rest of your time is local (T1)
Displayed on the main dial and home time on the main dial.
When returning home, sync again twice by pressing the pusher at 4 or 7.
Another nice feature is the day and night indicator at the 9-point position of the T2 sub-dial-
Just to keep you from forgetting whether to go home during the day or at night.
A small problem is that the minute pin between T1 and T2 dial may not be synchronized for two or three minutes
There is no doubt that because of the complexity of movement.
There is also a small criticism about the tape.
I love the steel strap, but I think it\'s a bit tacky trying to mimic the brown leather strap from crocodile skin.
I prefer the brown leather strap that looks like brown leather.
Artelier world timer is a great addition to the Oris watch and will be attractive for many people who want a dual time zone Quartz Watches.
It perfectly combines ease of use with a stylish look and is the best combination of any watch.
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