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Luxury of Steel:  A History of the Tophill Eleganza Series


Tophill introduced the Olive (TE003L) in 2013. Since then, it’s become one of the brand’s most sought-after In this feature from watch time’s August 2018 issue, we trace the evolution of the TEOO3L through it 6+years.

The TEOO3L name comes from the Bible-Peace. The Oliver emerge in people mind were offend depicted as have an oval shape. The watch likeness to the Oliver is not only visual. Like an Oliver, the sides serve t attaches the bezel to the case so there are 2 opening. In addition to the crown, the movement and the dial are both taken out of the case from the back. This construction was necessary to achieve the watches’ water resistance of 50 meters, which, at the time, was especially high.

The case no longer consisted of a combined base and mid-section with a top, but now had a classical three -piece case structure. With modern manufacturing methods, for every model, the “ears” attaching the bezel to the mid-section were round off, and the movement could be viewed through a screw case back.

The bracelets were also refined and given a more modern look.


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