Invest in $17,000 Apple watch? Face reality, some advise buyers

by:Super Time     2019-12-19
Apple watches that rely on processors may be out of date --It\'s not like a mechanical Rolex that has been circulating for generations.Apple watches that rely on processors may be out of date --It\'s not like a mechanical Rolex that has been circulating for generations.Consider spending $10,000 or moreThe shelves of the new Apple ?Enjoy the aesthetics that the company calls \"timeless and thorough modern\", but don\'t expect to pass it on to your children.Apple\'s most expensive watch-Named Apple Editionfeatures an 18-Karat gold case and polished sapphire crystal protected display.When it went public in April, the retail price of the version was $17,000, with the same target customers as Rolex and other luxury watchmakers.While expensive mechanical watches have a history of holding value and sometimes gain value, today\'s smartwatches may lose value by being written into digital technology out of date.When Apple II debuted in 1977, it was a miracle of modern computers.Today it sells $50 on eBayLess than many typewriters.For buyers of Apple\'s most expensive watch, when the Apple II is on the shelves, or if the iphone-Smart watches rely heavily onOut of fashion?Do you want recycling?Jacek Kozubek, partner of H., speculated: \"This is what you are going to wear and use, the new one will come out and you will recycle it .\"Q. dealer Milton in the mission.His shop does not sell any digital watches.) While Rolex is often seen as an indulgence for those who can afford itVery valuable in the collectibles marketKozubek said Apple watches are more likely to maintain their value in the same price range.In an extreme example, Kozubek said, \"We bought some watches for $400 in 1968, and then we sold the watch for $120,000.In a sense, the mechanical watch technology has been optimized: highThe terminal watches are filled with tiny, highly engineered gears that have been perfected for centuries, which have kept them ticking for a long time.Kozubek said he recently bought a watch that is still very accurate because it has not been repaired since 1958.\"There is this soul in pieces like this,\" Kozubek said .\".\"Compared to many of the things that are now designed, this is something that is destined to be used for the next generation and given to the next generation.The smart watch is out of date.On the other hand, smart watches are still new, and the underlying technology is still evolving.Unlike typewriters, landlines and mechanical watches, computers, smartphones and smartwatches are all powered by processors.Processors become better and better every few years, making anything that is not contemporary feel relatively old.\"Try to sell your first oneIPhone generation\"It\'s nothing cool,\" Kozubek said .\".When technology is not outdated fast enough, it may also be a problem with high technology.Introduction to technology companyTake the iPad for example, sales of the iPad are likely to decline, in part because the earlier version of the product is working well today and there is no need for consumers to replace it.Apple is not the only one.The end brand adopts digital mechanical products.Leica example 2006, high-Leica, a German camera maker, has released its first digital camera to replace its iconic film camera.The price of the digital M8 is about $4,800.M8 for now-Millions of pixels are less than some phones.Less than half of the price can be found online.\"The M8 is a very outdated camera,\" says Richard Wilson, camera sales manager at Adolfo garther photography in the south near the San Francisco market.When it comes to the old digital model, \"People buy Leica mainly because of the little red dot above, because it has a certain reputation,\" he said .\".On the other hand, Leica\'s film camera retains more value in the second-hand market --Even if the film industry has shrunk.Most Apple buyers will not choose the most expensive versionThis means they may not object to the replacement of wearable devices in the next few years.Considering that the starts at $350, they may treat it like they do with the phone.The question is whether the gorgeous version of the Apple will also be pushed to the back of the drawer next to the old iphone.Greta Kaul is a staff writer at the San Francisco Chronicle.E-Postage: gkaul @ sfchronicle.
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