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How to Maintain the Mechanical Watch Movement


Many people have habits about wearing watches, and they are even one of the essential tools in our lives. Mechanical watches are the most value in such many kinds of watches. Comparing with quartz watches, we should pay more attention to using mechanical watches, especially mechanical watches movement. So, let me introduce how to maintain mechanical watch movement to you!

Normal Wearing, Avoid Vibration

Only appropriate movement could make the mechanical watch movements keep operating. Although the watch is shockproof, it is easy to break the pendulum shaft tip or the wheel axle journal when the external impact force is strong, and the fast and slow needle vibration can also affect the time error. In the case of economic ability, two or three watches may be replaced in daily life. Wearing mechanical watches under static activities, while wearing quartz watches when under sports condition.

Prevent magnetization

Although the watch is made of a non-magnetic material that is not easily magnetized, it is greatly affected by the magnetic field, such as television, radio, magnetic buckle on a backpack or purse etc.

Water Resistant

Try not to bring a watch to swim or wash clothes. When it got wet, don’t pull out crown to adjust time, and you should dry it immediately. Even though it is marked as a water resistant watch, it has only 1 year water resistant warranty. Because 1 year loss, and with the damage of sweat and dust, the waterproof ring would lose its waterproof function. You just need to change a new one.

Watch Cleaning

In general, washing the sludge every 3 - 5 years is determined by the following factors.

1. Watch sealing condition

2. Watch degree of wear

3. Kinds of the watch (Quartz watch could extended period)

4. Men watch and pocket watch could extended period compare to women watch or other slim body watch

Watch Preservation

When you don’t wear your watch, please don’t put it into the case with mothball or health ball, which would make the watch oil metamorphism, and lead to time error. And you should wear it, or wind it every month, to make it have power to operate.

Watch Maintenance

1. Don’t put your watch in hot water, even though it is waterproof

2. If the watch is abnormal, it should be sent to a special watch shop for inspection.

3. You should offer enough power to your automatic mechanical watch, so you have to wear it at least 10 hours every day

4. Different watches should be worn for different occasions

5. “Water Resistant” OR “3 ATM” is marked on case back, which means it applies to splashes or light rain without pressure.

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