guide to buying swatch watch straps

by:Super Time     2019-11-29
The first thing: what strap is suitable for you?
Activity: ask yourself, are you a positive/sporty person, constantly sweating, need a flexible and tough strap, or do you need a watch that complements your outfit?
How to use the Swatch watch will determine which strap you should buy.
Don\'t buy the strap just according to the design and color, but think about when and how you use the watch will be the key to making the choice.
Second: what strap is your watch?
It sounds like a stupid question, but when your loud color pattern goes with the normal old leather strap, it\'s very important that your sports watch not go with the elegant strap.
Third: should I buy the strap I used to wear? Yes, should you?
You can choose this option almost immediately as it seems correct and logical to buy back the original strap (
If you can find it)
Because it is very suitable for your watch.
But you may prefer variety.
It\'s time to change!
Another good reason to buy the same strap is value.
Think of a day when you might want to sell the Swatch watch.
Did you know that having the original/same type of strap will make your watch more valuable, especially for potential collectors?
How many types of Quartz Watches strap/strap?
Basically, most of us think that Swatch has three types: one: Plastic Two: Leather three: is the metal really?
You will be surprised by the variety there.
On the squgly website (
This is a very good source for your swatch watch)
There is a section for Elasticsearch.
Let\'s give an example of a small part marked under a standard gentleman.
Under this category you will find \"standard\" plastic tape-
\"Standard\" leather strap-flex straps (
Elastic metal band.
Available in multiple colors and 2 sizes)-
Lock (
Usually made of metal.
Mainly used with Swatch anti-language )-
Elastic Band (
For pop samples only)-
Other strapsWoah.
You might be thinking now, \"I shouldn\'t have read this article, it just made me more confused!
\"You might be there.
Buying is the most enjoyable, relying on intuition and emotion, not reason and reason.
However, if you find yourself in need or just curious and need more resources, you can go to these sites (
Never comprehensive)below.
My website: vintage Swatch watch. com (
Mainly the new strap).
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