dive deep with omega seamaster diver watches

by:Super Time     2019-12-13
Omega has a rich marine heritage that can be seen through their seahorse diving watch.
They are tough on any situation and keep you on guard.
Here\'s a list of some of the powerful omega seahorse diving watches that will surprise you.
Place a date counter at the 3-point location where you can view the update date for one month.
The helium escape valve in the upper left corner of the steel shell releases helium and remains novel underwater.
The flashing button is located on the right side of the case and the wearer uses the button to rotate and change the time.
The date counter at the 6 point location shows the current date to the wearer.
The one-way rotating bezel is made of ceramic.
At the 10-point position, the date calibration is combined with the helium escape valve.
When worn on the wrist, the stainless steel bracelet will splash and will also aggravate your mood. The self-
Wrap Omega 3330 movement with columns-
Wheel mechanism and Co-
The axial capture mechanism remains accurate.
The regatta accounting time function can easily read the key regatta time interval at a glance.
A little second.
The dial tracks every second and helps divers.
The date window at the 6-point position is full of white, showing the current date to the wearer. 30-
The minutes recorder at 3 also showed
A minute countdown seen at the start of the regatta.
The Quartz Watches features the colors of the Olympic rings. 30-
At 12: 00, a minute recorder with a small second hand
Dial at 6 and the date window at 3 points is engraved on white dial.
This is a limited edition Quartz Watches that only produces 316 pieces.
The blue leather strap of this awesome watch is stitched in black, yellow, green and red.
Powered by Omega 3113
This Co-
The axial watch can retain energy up to 52 hours.
The Omega seahorse diving watch is a tribute to maritime professionals.
These timepieces are equipped with functions that are useful to divers.
The materials used when making these watches are also very light.
These watches are always ready to assist you underwater.
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