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The brand of Van cleyabao and Yabao is a brand known for its jewelry watches.
Elegant design, known for its exquisite art in the luxury and designer watch market.
At the beginning, it was a family business composed of Charles Abbott, Julian Abbott and Louis Abbott brothers and brothers. in-
Law Alfred Van Cleef, even today, still maintains a fine tradition of jewelry and design.
Van Cleef and Arpel\'s vintage watches are considered to be worth investing in the luxury watch boutique collection.
LineVan Cleef and Arpels Men\'s 18k gold Quartz Watches uses a self-made
On an impressive 18K perfect round gold sleeve, wrap around auto-motion on a brushed polished gold bracelet.
The 36mm diameter and 8mm thick shell are modern beauty.
The watch is priced at $13,900.
Ladies van kebabo formal watch (Model 11603)
Double row with 112 dazzling circles-
1 Cut Diamond.
5 karat in total, ong-
Set on the square border.
This case is 18k white gold on the black crocodile leather strap.
The watch features a Swiss quartz movement for $11,500.
The van cleyabao women\'s watch features 120 spectacular circles-
Cut two rows of diamond claws on the round baffle.
It features an 18k gold case with a brown crocodile leather strap and an 18k gold buckle.
The price is $11,200.
Longines brand Longines is in the holy-
In Switzerland in 1832.
Since then, it has struggled to combine innovative technology with elegance to be the best --
World-renowned luxury designer watchmaker.
The company\'s advertising campaign \"Elegance is an attitude\" is perfect for the Longines brand.
To prove its strength in the market, langqin launched its first Quartz Watches in 1905, the world\'s thinnest induction watch in 1960, and the world\'s first controlled electronic quartz Quartz Watches
Longines super-Quartz -in 1969.
Shortly thereafter, it pioneered the television alphanumeric display, linked to the World Cup skiing crash in St.
Moritz, Switzerland.
In 1979, Longines, along with other watch brands, developed the world\'s thinnest quartz watch \"Feuille d\'or \".
It went beyond its own record and designed the world-famous conquest VHP in 1984 (
Very high precision).
In the sports world, Longines have also made great breakthroughs.
In 1912, it introduces the principle of the wire, which starts and stops the timing mechanism at the beginning and end of the race.
It has since been appointed official timekeeper for many international sporting events, including many winter and summer games.
If this is not enough, it has created history even in aviation and navigation.
It was responsible for timing Lindbergh\'s first solo flight across the Atlantic, followed by the development of an hourly angle watch based on Lindbergh\'s own design.
In 1912, BMW and Paul Michael were the creative ideas of watch production team William BMW and Paul Michael.
Combine precision with fine arts to produce the best designers and luxury watches in the world.
The elegant Hampton collection by Baet Mercier is modern and classic, proving this fact.
In 1921, the company received the highest honor from the Republic of Geneva for watch manufacturers-the coveted Geneva points.
The planetary rotor developed by Baume et Mercier oscillates with the movement of the wrist, automatically winding the watch and activating the main spring, resulting in the production of the world\'s most flat automatic watch.
Since then, the brand has won the reputation of designer watches with its exquisite craftsmanship.
Ms. Riviera Mercier watch product series Ms. Riviera Mercier watch (
The model MOA00525 features a stainless steel case and watch chain, a white dial and a quartz movement.
The recommended retail price is $1487.
Ms. Linea beauty Mercier watch (Model MOA08281)
The white dial features a beige calf leather strap and a polished steel case.
It features a quartz movement that is waterproof up to 100 feet.
The retail price is $902.
Famous Baume Women\'s Classic Hamton watch (Model M0A06930)
Black calf strap in stainless steel case.
The price is $1037.
Bamercier Capeland for men (
Model MOA06852 as shown in the figure)
Equipped with silver Arabic numerals, quartz movement and steel case.
The retail price is $100 feet, waterproof to 1363.
BertolucciThe Bertolucci\'s brand began to speak modestly in small workshops by Robert Chopin in all parts by Mr. Marshall.
In 1968, Marcel\'s daughter, Pilet micherotti, married Remo Bertolucci and revolutionized the brand to become the best ever
Bertolucci combines Italian style with Swiss craftsmanship and is known for its understated elegance.
Some of the newer watches are bold and modern but elegantly designed.
Lady bellorucci Vir watch strap (Model 129. 50. 41. 120/BRN)
Known for its scratch-resistant mineral crystal, it features a satin finished steel case and an ostrich brown strap.
The steel bezel frames the white dial with glowing hands and has a silver Roman numerals mark.
The watch features a precision Swiss quartz movement for $1195.
Bentolucci men\'s watch strap (Model 701. 50. 41. 100/BLK)
It is equipped with an extremely lightweight manual mechanical watch.
The white dial and the silver pointer are surrounded by a brushed steel sleeve and a steel bezel with a black alligator strap.
The recommended price is $4,750.
Men\'s watches Uomo (Model 884. 55. 41. 601)
It is equipped with a stainless steel case, an automatic certified timer movement and a pearl dial mother.
The price is $3,045.
Ms. Poeme gold watch (Model 053. 54. 68. 96)
Black patent leather strap with diamond buckle and 18k gold case. A mother-of-
The Pearl dial with diamond marks is located on the sapphire crystal.
Its price is $6,995.
Winston is a world-famous jewelry designer and is often called the king of diamonds.
These ultra-luxury brand watches are favored by royalty and Hollywood stars.
Harry Winston has designed many unique pieces for specific clients.
The diamond and jewelry designed by Harry Winston is one of the most famous diamonds and jewelry in the world.
When Harry Winston died in 1978, his son Ronald took over the vast empire.
Ronald Winston continued his father\'s legacy by launching the brand\'s first watch, the ultimate , in 1989.
Known for its legendary masterpieces, the company occasionally introduces gorgeous additions to its elegant collection.
Harry Winston Avenue products (Model 310-LQGL-D2. 2)
It is a ladies watch with 18k gold case and 0.
90 k diamond bezel on leather strap.
It has a mother. of-
Pearl watch plate and quartz movement.
The offer is $12,892.
Harry Winston
Retrograde watch (
Model 200/MABI 37 RL)
Leather strap with rose gold case.
This watch features automatic movement with double
Retrograde seconds and days displayed by Week (
Price only upon request).
Harry Winston Sea (
The Model 400/MCADV 39 is equipped with an automatic movement chronograph with a waterproof performance of 300 feet.
Wrapped in 39mm platinum cover (
Price only upon request).
7 watches signed by Harry Winston (
Model HQ/HJ 286 (as shown in the figure)
It is part of its excellence series of 1989.
Designed with a 38k white gold case, dial and bracelet, this quartz watch features 428 White Diamonds (
Price only upon request).
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