android watches - an easy way to convey contemporary style

by:Super Time     2019-12-05
The key to a truly appealing watch is its ability to combine classic emotion, modern style and timeless quality.
Before you add another watch to your collection, do yourself a favor and check out some different products for Android.
Android is a relatively new watch maker known for offering the most daring designs on the watch market today.
Following the guidelines of Yongliang, the owner and chief designer, Android strives to produce attractive watches, not just tell time.
If you\'re looking for a reliable fashion watch, take the time to think about some of Android\'s well-known products.
Android men\'s Navy skeleton mechanical leather strap watch is a good example of how Android combines classic elements with modern design, Navy skeleton mechanical leather strap Quartz Watches is a truly eye-catching watch
The first element is the complicated dial of the Quartz Watches, which can be impressive to see the inside work of the watch.
The skeleton surface is filled with gears, sprocket and springs that can only sit in the back seat of the stylized Navy design that suggests rolling waves, with the option of rose, silver or
This charming watch shows the pride of Android on the seagulls 9211 mechanical movement and the sophisticated craftsmanship of 17 jewels.
For a better view of the Interior, the hour mark selection will be facing up in the form of a silver tone indicator that extends from the case to all the hour positions on the border.
The inner baffle performed with silver tone has accent screws at odd hours, in contrast to the outer layer of the thin gold tone.
Finished with a brown leather strap, this stunning artwork comes with stitching to match the color selection of the edges.
For men who love sports in a simpler style, the triplesquartz Big Date leather strap watch offers a much stronger alternative than the flashier model.
The highlight of this awesome product is the thick black IP swivel bezel with a bold transition from the silver stainless steel case to the dial.
The watch surface can be selected in blue, silver, brown or purple, keeping the lowest complexity while providing excellent features.
Just south of the center, a small second hand rotates around an invisible small dial, while a large date window appears below 12.
The simple pointer to this watch is powered by the Miyada GP10 quartz movement.
Avoid numbers and Mark simple indicators for all hours.
This work is done with a beautiful waterproof PU black leather strap, the first one is two rows of stitches on both sides, matching the color of the dial you choose. Android Mid-
London big date quartz stainless steel bracelet Quartz Watches representing the more feminine side of Android
The size London big date quartz stainless steel bracelet watch offers a dazzling way to keep your time on the go.
The traditional strap of this product is made of five columns of polished silver stainless steel, and even with a matching case added, it will continue to interlace the pattern.
The watch is simple and clean with a push-
Pull the Crown button on the right and build a colored rainbow dial in the Burgundy, purple, green or blue of your choice.
The watch surface maintains a minimal design, with only a date window break near 12, an Android logo located east of the center and a small dial second hand rotating independently of the main pointer above 6.
The skeleton hand of this lovely work is powered by the Japanese miyamada GP10 quartz movement.
Android men\'s Savant Swiss quartz multi-functional stainless steel bracelet watch is the first choice for collecting enthusiasts watches, the Savant Swiss quartz multi-functional stainless steel watch for android takes superb craftsmanship and superior functionality to a new level.
This handsome item starts with a classic silver stainless steel link strap with a stainless steel case.
You can choose gold, rose, or silver to match or contrast the strap.
The dial of this watch is packed for about a while.
From the outside to the center, it features a one-month scale around, followed by a one-week scaleof-the-
Year counter with silver tape.
The inner dial provides a stylized monthly dial and two subdials that track the days and dates of the week.
This stylish and capable product is powered by the ultra-precise Swiss quartz Ronda 706. B with 5 jewels
Explore the Android series today and start expressing stylish, modern style.
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