10 eye-catching movado watches

by:Super Time     2019-11-25
Any serious watch collector has a keen eye for quality and a deep appreciation of style over time.
Various top watches offered by Movado are offered at a price that will not bankrupt the bank.
La Chaux, Swiss town-back to humble rootsde-
Since 1881, Movado Fonds has been known for making reliable, cutting-edge clocks.
Before you add your next cutting-edge watch to your zoo, think about these eye-catching models of Movado.
The men\'s Fiero cemented carbide w/black rubber bracelet at mofando perfectly showcases the logo of mofando products-simple lines and designs, and the fiero cemented carbide watch is a seamless combination of functionality and cutting-edge fashion.
The unique look of this watch is based on the contrast between the simple black dial and the striking tungsten sleeve.
This amulet continues this watch chain, which is centered on a tungsten wire outer chain and a rubber strap.
The diamond watch from the Esperanza collection represents the feminine side of Movado, a clever blend of elegance and modern design.
The satin Bordeaux strap is a ridge strap with 20 round diamonds on its bezel.
The smallest white mother on the Pearl dial is in a 12-point position with only the silver-tone dots of the iconic concave face of mofando.
The Movado women\'s museum white lizard leather strap watch the Movado Museum White lizard leather strap watch showcases another classic usage of minimalism, highlighting the most attractive elements of a carefully designed watch.
The white lizard leather strap is outlined with white stitching and framed with a concise gold case.
The white dial is decorated only at 12 points with a gold-tone pointer and movan multi-point.
One of the bolder designs of Movado Men\'s Riveli bracelet watch, the Riveli stainless steel bracelet watch looks like something from the future.
The design of its bold vertical slat silver-tone strap flows seamlessly into the case and is framed with a simple black dial with a silver pointer and silver movan dots.
Movado blue dial and bracelet watch eye-pleasing artwork, movado\'s blue dial and stainless steel bracelet watch attract your attention with a slim silver bracelet, and dazzle you with a polished oval bezel with three white at each end
The simple blue dial has only silver hands and matched movan multi-point markers.
Mofando women\'s Buleto stainless steel bracelet watch represents mofando\'s position at the forefront of fashion, featuring its art bracelet, with eclipse-
Style silver tone link design.
The unique band segues, with its ultra-wide simple bezel, forms a solid black dial that naturally fits into the round case.
Mofando men\'s Fiero black dial stainless steel bracelet Quartz Watches has the same amazing design on a more masculine side, mofando\'s Fiero black dial watch meets the requirements.
The large link silver tone bracelet leads to the polished square case, providing a solid frame for the smooth black dial, protecting the reliable Swiss quartz movement.
The Swiss-made quartz chronograph of the 800 men\'s series of Movado shows a refreshing artistic atmosphere in a classic appearance, the 800-series chronograph stainless steel watch in mofando features elegant lines and eye-catching cap borders, showcasing its magical charm with a strong black accent.
The subtle brass dial creates an intuitive atmosphere through three exquisite sub-dials, date windows and speedometers.
This powerful watch also features a reliable Swiss quartz movement and a waterproof rating of 200 m.
Mother of womenof-
The Pearl dial bracelet watch shows the amazing know-how of the Movado and a bracelet-motherof-
The Pearl dial stainless steel bracelet watch features a strap consisting of four rows of shiny silver links.
The bracelet ends with a medium-sized matching case decorated with a diamond-accent bezel, another spare white mother of the Pearl dial, completing many of the best models of the Movado.
Finally, the SL stainless steel bracelet watch is one of the best watches in Movado, and it conveys amazing classic elegance by relying on subtle artistic prosperity and simple design.
The slightly curved silver stainless steel link of the bracelet is marked in the center with a polishing point for each link.
The polished matching case is marked with smooth lines and complex patterns, bypassing an edge.
The gray dial and simple black pointer finish the watch with a solid touch.
Add the clever twists and elegant designs of the range of watches in the Movado to your own personal collection and make a big statement about your own discerning taste.
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